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Saving for a deposit

Saving for deposit?

Remember when you thought you’d leave education, walk into a job and be able to buy a house like that.....well, reality is, most of us will need to do a bit of saving.

But where do you start?

Young and Saving for deposit?

To get an idea of what you need, here are some national stats..

We’ve also created a nifty tool to help you get an idea of what the costs will be in your area -

get ideas about housing prices

source - (conducted in Feb 2015, figures rounded up to nearest £10,000)

What next

budget planner
Budget, budget, then budget again...

Yes it’s not the most fun activity you’ll ever attempt and YES, you should do it, otherwise how will you ever start saving money each month to build up your house deposit?

Pay off debt
Pay off debt...

It often costs you more being in debt, so before you get to saving, you should really pay off your debt. Plus, it’ll feel great being completely debt free!!

Set yourself a goal
Set yourself a goal...

Do your research, where do you need to be, what is your goal? Once you have that goal in your head, saving will become more focussed!!

hero - personalised financial advice
get your finances on track with our advisor

Everyone needs a hero...

If you sign onto our “get your finances on track” programme, you’ll be assigned your very own hero.

They are there to help support you get your finances on track and are available through email support.

Savings Options

Depending on your time goals, you may want to look at different options of saving your money, other than placing it into your bank account.

One of the most commonly used savings vehicles is that of an ISA, click below to find out more about the Lemonade ISA...

ISA - save for your house deposit

Once you have set yourself on track to save for your house deposit, it’s then time to focus on protecting your money...

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