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What is Full Holistic Advice?

At Lemonade we like to keep things simple...

We all know protecting our family and saving for the future are important, but there are lots of other things we would rather be thinking about! That’s why our solutions aim to be easy to understand and quick to implement. However sometimes things are not so simple.

Full Holistic Advice is...

For when your situation is more complicated. For example you might have inherited a large sum of money, or you are looking to stop work. We can’t look at one area in isolation, we have to consider all your existing investments, your health, your tax position and most importantly what you are looking to achieve. We call this holistic financial planning.

For example you might want help...

Approaching Retirement
Achieving Financial
Selling a Business

Lemonade have partnered with trusted experts who specialise in giving holistic advice. Initial consultations are usually free of charge so click below to find out how we can help you.

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